Kamila Kielar has been enjoying spending her time in the North for several years. She focuses on adventure trips, mainly lonely because she is fascinated by combining technical skills with a strong psyche. Kamila has spent several years outdoors, and she is a bushcraft expert. Last year, she walked alone 4700 km on the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail. Earlier, she cycled Yukon in winter, Alaska and Kamchatka. In Lapland and Alaska, she was hiking for months, both in winter and summer. Kamila was travelling on skis alone in temperatures falling to -48 degrees Celsius in the Canadian Northwest Territories and was a leader of the stages in the big cycling relay races: Afryka Nowaka and Bike Jamboree. She is an ethologist of large predators and takes photographs of them. Kamila is also a writer, speaker, trainer and leader. She was nominated three times and twice won Kolosy. She also won the National Geographic Traveler award, and the Tony Halik award. She is also a winner of outdoor photography competitions in the USA and Canada.