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Garage #4
November 10, 2020
Interactive and data reporting

Data reporting played very important role in explaining coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic. Never in history of modern media readers were daily exposed to changing datasets, visualisations and various interpretations of it.

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Online workshop
October 27, 2020
Verification tools for small newsrooms – October 27th, 3 PM CEST / 9 AM EST
Verification workshop exposes you to different threats around modern misinformation and tells you how you can protect and develop methods which…
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Online workshop
November 3, 2020
Environmental journalism – November 3rd, 3PM CEST / 9 AM EST
The environment is changing and there is an increasing need for audiences to stay informed. Yet, it’s a topic which is…
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Online workshop
November 9, 2020
How to use Maps to tell stories? – November 9th, 10-11.30 AM (CET)
Maps workshop gives you knowledge on how to use maps to tell stories. It’s not only about visualisation but how to…
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