Garage is a pit-stop for journalists and media organisations. Covid-19 changed many things including how the infrastructure of knowledge sharing among media works. It’s crucial especially for startups and independent media.

So here is what we do – every two weeks we organise a meetup which will have two parts: presentations and open bar. We give you ideas on what works now in journalism and opportunity to ask any question, solve a problem or just have a coffee with fellow reporters.

You can suggest a topic or presentation anytime – just reach out.

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Garage #3
June 10, 2020
3…2…1… Online events!

Online events are not going anyway. In fact they are becoming a thing or THE THING. We decided to talk people and organisations who successfully transitioned they events online and ask them to share their experience.

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Garage #4
June 24, 2020
Interactive and data reporting
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Past events

Resources from Garage events

Coronavirus coverage in Belarus by Katsiaryna Shmatsina, Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies Garage #1
Coronavirus coverage in Hungary by Blanka Zöldi, Direkt 36 Garage #1
Coronavirus coverage in Germany by Eva Lopez, Deutsche Welle Garage #1
Coronavirus coverage in Ukraine by Anastasiia Stanko, Garage #1
Coronavirus coverage in Greece by Yannis-Orestis Papadimitriou, The Manifold Garage #1

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