Best documentaries and web docs

Documentary film and journalism are, in many ways, rooted in the same traditions. Though focus on narrative often differentiates film from traditional journalism, it helps to remember that the earliest films were straightforward recordings of real life. Today, more and more documentaries are finding news publishers to be the ideal platforms for their work. From full-length movies to hybrid and interactive forms of documentary filmmaking, there is a whole spectrum of how stories are told using the medium of film.

On December 2nd we will be joined by 5 amazing documentary filmmakers who will share their recent work and offer us insights, also in the context of the challenges posed by the pandemic to the film industry.


Line up

The show begins!
"Still processing", "Pumpkin movie"
Sophy Romvari
"Ruta de Fuga"
Francesca Dasso
"The State Against Mandela and the Others", "Accused number two, Walter Sisulu”
Nicolas Champeaux
“Giving birth in the 21st century”
Claudia Reig Valera
Àlex Badia