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So much is happening, and so much is not happening. Plus things are changing. This issue is packed with information about next days + even the name of the newsletter changed, so I struggled how to put an order in this 🙂 Hang tight! 

As Alan Soon writes – this is a black swan moment so what we do is to use this time as an opportunity for some rapid changes which were in the back of our heads for a while and we have just felt it’s a right moment to go this way. All our events are cancelled for this year – we want to regain some sense of control and not live on false hope. If reality allows – we will happily come back, but we don’t think this might be the case. 

Instead, we go online. But don’t worry – it’s not just streaming from our phones. We tested many formats in the past four weeks, and we want to give you the best quality suited for different needs. 

So here we go:

  • today at 3 PM CEST we hold an online workshop on “How to organise online events”. Register here.
  • next week, again Wednesday from 11 AM till 1 PM CEST, we organise first online Garage event under the theme “What’s missing in the coronavirus coverage“. 
  • we also have workshops on using Maps and Verification tools – see more details below.

And… something which I am a bit scared to share – but this is something we have been working on for past weeks and will go public in next 10 to 14 days. It’s called Radar. Radar. Through the power of reporters spread all around the world, we will be bringing you a marketplace of ideas, responses and solutions around the effects of COVID-19. 

A lot, too much 🙂 I hope next weeks will be calmer. Or maybe I should be more regular 🙂


We have made some changes to our branding – I will explain more in the next newsletter 🙂 For now, let’s focus on the content, not the package.  

Our Workshop spaces are now online. There are 13 tracks in the Mixer – so you can choose your own. If you want us to train your organisation – reach out!

And here is what caught our eye in past weeks relating to them:

Online events
⚽ Two case studies about taking your events online. One from our good friends from Splice about their #SpliceLowRes and one from us – about Outriders Festival. Both different – so you will get two perspectives ahead of our training today.

🕎 That workshop of ours will soon go public, but for now – FINALLY – YouTube Studio is out beta. So you can enjoy it to manage channels better. Though I still miss the classic uploader 😉

Vertical Stories
💜 Instagram allowed replies to direct messages from the desktop!

💚 Also – you can now watch live streams on your laptop. Both features were mobile-only until now.

😍 Membership Puzzle Project published an excellent summary of how to help your(self) community in this pandemic times – “Here’s how 15+ member-driven organizations are adapting membership appeals, events, and more for coronavirus.”

🚕 Our first online Maps workshop is coming up soon. If you can’t wait – here is ten tips on how to master Earth Engine.

⚓ This is how El País tells stories with data.

😉 New Earth Engine features to speed app workflows.

😱 Watch six-decade-long disinformation operations unfold in six minutes.

👽 Harvard’s new Misinformation Review features “fast review” of scholarly research.

👻 It’s not the misinformation. It’s faith. Embedding with an anti-vaccination group on WhatsApp.

🤓 Ten years of digital storytelling by World Press Photo.

🏰 Five storytelling lessons from 2 Oscar-winning shorts, “Hair Love” & “The Neighbors’ Window.”

🛴2020: Newsletter driven startups seize the day

⭐The World Health Organization launches WHO Health Alert on WhatsApp.

And something to finish this Mixtape with a shock – publishers are growing audiences by producing less content. 

So here we go – click yellow date to register.

  • How to organise online events? Today, at 3 PM CEST 
  • How to tell stories with maps? (Powered by GNI) April 30th
  • Verification tools for small newsrooms (Powered by GNI) – May 8th

We also provide trainings for organisations directly – just reply to this email to learn more 😉

Garage is a pit-stop for journalists and media organisations. COVID-19 changed many things, including how the infrastructure of knowledge sharing among media works. It’s crucial, especially for startups and independent media.

So here is what we do – every two weeks we organise a meetup which will have two parts: presentations and open bar. We give you ideas on what works now in journalism and opportunity to ask any question, solve a problem or just have a coffee with fellow reporters.

We have two events scheduled already – they will last 2 hours from 11 AM CEST till 1 PM.

Click a yellow date to register.

  • April 22nd – What’s missing in the coronavirus coverage
  • May 5th – Cross-border, solutions, responses… – how to adapt to and cover the future?

See you there!

We created a special playlist with data and interactive stories about coronavirus. 

And three of them are featured below (click on the image to read the story). If any story will catch your eye – let us know so we can keep the list growing. Special thanks to Eva Constantaras and Kuek who suggested great stories on Twitter!

Poor dumps for rich rubbish – that’s a story published on our publication by Patricia Alonso with here photos and Marcin Suder’s. 

We might think that by putting plastic waste into the right bin, we are contributing to keeping the environment clean. But is it true? What happens to our trash after we throw it away?

The story is now published – go and enjoy it here.  

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All the best from us!