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Did you know that Tina, who is the author of this selection, has recently edited “Unbias the News: Why diversity matters for journalism”? The book is on sale at the moment. If you haven’t heard of Hostwriter, please know that they are an award-winning network that helps journalists to collaborate across borders easily. I hope you will enjoy Tina’s selection which explores different aspects of cross-border collaborations.

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How the US triggered a massacre in Mexico
ProPublica, National Geographic
One method of cross-border storytelling is to connect seemingly unrelated events in two different places. This story connects a misjudgment in US-based drug enforcement operation with a brutal massacre in Mexico using voices of witnesses and survivors- and best of all, it is bilingual, so people in both countries can understand what took place.
Another type of cross-border story is comparative- highlighting similar stories happening in different places. In this case, Civio visits eleven different countries to examine the damaging interactions between misogyny, religion and medical rights for women.
Plundering Cambodia’s Forests
Al Jazeera
Stories that examine corruption, trade and movement of goods or people often have an international element. This story examines timber exports that connect Cambodia to Vietnam, Thailand and more in a lucrative but illegal cross-border trade, and an activist determined to stop it.
The Profiteers
Africa Uncensored
Great cross-border pieces can provide context that can make sense of horrible events and help people to understand and demand action. The Profiteers does just that, seeking answers about who profits from war in Sudan by travelling to Kenya, Uganda and more and following the money.
Explosive Export
Through trade and money we are connected with people all over the world, and sometimes in a bargain that causes massive suffering. People in the Netherlands may be aware that the country profits massively from its weapons trade, but this story crosses borders to show where the weapons end up, with devastating impact.
The Drone Papers
The Intercept
When a whistleblower comes forward with a leak, the impact can sometimes connect many different stories across multiple countries. This collection by the Intercept does a good job of exploring and clearly explaining a leaked document cache that exposes the Obama administration's use of drone warfare in Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia.