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Rina Tsubaki
Rina Tsubaki connects communities through design and systems thinking. Two years ago, she joined the European Forest Institute, an international science organisation, with a mission to build a bridge between journalism and science. Her…
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National Sword
99% Invisible
One of my favourite podcast stories about the issue of recycling and plastic waste as a commodity of trade. Systems thinking is beautifully incorporated into storytelling. A must-listen.
Are Bioplastics Better For The Environment Than Conventional Plastics?
This is a no-joke science story dissecting the urban "myth" of bioplastics. I wish science journalists get an opportunity to work more with innovation guys in the newsrooms to develop visual features based on these solid stories!
A podcast series by Alexis Madrigal taking the listeners on a journey to understand the global economy and capitalism through 'containers', 'ships', 'cranes' etc. The story angle is so unique and while it appears a bit geeky, once you start listening, you probably cannot stop it.
The Exiles of Chaco
El Surtidor
A visual scroll-telling made through design thinking. You can see how thought-through and well-researched by just visiting this page. I am just impressed how they have explained the complex ecosystem and the impacts of deforestation in such a beautiful yet engaging way.
The Curse of Palm Oil
Al Jazeera
Contrast VR is definitely the most successful and empowering immersive media outlet out there. This story is so well told both visually and with string character. I love the fact that they always go for the voices of those who are marginalised in the wider communities.
Climate Adam
A former 'Nature' journalist turned into a Youtuber. He is also a climate scientist and he is really rocking the Youtube world at the moment. A very nice example that I use to show to young scientists (so that they can do a better job with communication).
Baterries: Big Oil’s big challenge
This is an exclusive by Quartz but the series very well explains the challenges with anything we use. A true geeky science story (but with really great visuals).