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“Our lives and personalities are increasingly shaped by what happens online – what we read, what we post, how we interact with people, and the communities we find for ourselves that we might not have access to in our geographical area” – says Catalina. Enjoy the below selection, which focuses on how technologies and our lives intersect.

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Cătălina Albeanu
Digital editor at Decât o Revistă
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Why your smartphone is causing you ‘text neck’ syndrome
South China Morning Post
It’s not only the way we communicate that has changed since we have become inseparable from our smartphones, but also our posture.
The entire history of Kickstarter
Kickstarter revolutionised the way we think about the business side of creating products or supporting initiatives in our areas. The platform surely has a lot of data by now of what projects people support in each area, and this story sheds light on our own geographical preferences for crowdfunding.
Poor millennials
The Huffington Post
You might think the first generation to grow up with the internet at their fingertips would be on top of the world. So why are millennials always complaining? A compassionate analysis of the toll recession can take on several generations.
The Pessimist’s Guide to 2028
What if Facebook went offline because of its fake news problem? And if Bitcoin replaced our banking system? Check out this guide to the year 2028 by Bloomberg, assessing various scenarios that could influence our future.
The evolution of trust
We hear a lot about how trust is eroding in our digital world - but how does trust work anyway and how do you learn to trust, or to distrust? Check out this game that puts you to the test.