Stories From Around The World

In my choices I focused on stories which were not originally created in English, I think we should promote more of those in our Western-culture and English-language domintated mediascape.

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Lola García-Ajofrín
Lola García-Ajofrín is a Spanish journalist based in Asia. Lola holds a Bachelor´s degree in Journalism from Complutense University of Madrid (2006) and a Master’s Degree in Television Journalism from…
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HAJJ 360
Al Jazeera
HAJJ 360 is a 360 tour to Mecca by Al Jazeera. In this interactive article the reader can experience the journey of a pilgrim visiting Islam's holiest site. (English, Turkish, Arabic and Bosnian).
Berliner Morgenpost
Unsichtbar (Invisible) a powerful interactive documentary by Berliner Morgenpost that gives name and tell the stories of the “invisible people who live on the street”. (German).
Amours Interdites
Amours Interdites (Forbidden Loves) in an interactive article by “Arte” French TV that tells forbidden love stories in Bangladesh, China, Colombia, France, Israel, Senegal, United States. (French, German).
Memoria Robada
Ojo Público
Memoria Robada (Stolen Memory) is a research that reveals with a map, a search engine and real documents the traffic of cultural goods in Latin America. (Spanish).
Ik zie wat jij niet ziet
Ik zie wat jij niet ziet (I see what you don't see) by NOS talk about depression in a different way. (Dutch).
Чиста вода
Чиста вода (Pure water )by Texty has mapped the largest river basins in Ukraine. (Ukrainian).
Climat sous tension
TV5 Québec Canada, TV5MONDE
Climat sous tension (Climate under tension) by TV5 Québec Canada and TV5MONDE is an interactive documentary that allows the reader to experience the climactic narrative and the destiny of 6 individuals around the world. (French, English).