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Styli Charalambous
Styli Charalambous is the co-founder and publisher of Daily Maverick, a 10-year-old startup, focusing on news, analysis and investigative journalism based in South Africa. He oversees all the non-editorial functions…
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Plundering Cambodia’s Forests
Al Jazeera
The destruction of our forests is an important story anyway but I like the use of video, maps and interactive sliders that keep this investigative story appealing to the reader as they navigate the page.
Daily Maverick (Scorpio investigative unit), amaBhungane Centre for Investigative Journalism, News24, OpenUp, Finance Uncovered
Close to my heart as our team was involved with this massive series. Due to the volume of articles, the homepage acts as a directory showcasing the people, places and entities involved to help the reader choose how to approach such a huge body of work.
How the Thai cave rescue mission unfolded
South China Morning Post
The graphic style and use of infographics and explainer images is such an elegant presentation of this story. Just beautiful.
Balkan Route
A beautifully styled story that makes uses of strong imagery and videos to help tell this important story.
A Tidal Wave of Mud
The New York Times
Great use of visuals combined with moving maps to help the reader get a better sense of what the mudslide must have been like.