Four reasons for attending Outriders Stage & Backstage, November 21–22 in Warsaw

1. Let’s get together

The theme of this edition is “Let’s get together”. There is a lot of innovation happening both in media and in storytelling right now. There is a lot of topics that need to be addressed and discussed, and the audiences are hungry for well-crafted inputs. It is what we are going to discuss with our guests.

One of them, our first keynote speaker is Maria Ressa of Rappler, a Filipino journalist, editor in Chief of Rappler, TIME 2018 person of the year. She was wrongly prosecuted by her government and currently on trial.

Our other keynote speaker is Andrea Chalupa, a journalist, a scriptwriter and a producer behind the recent Agnieszka Holland’s movie “Mr Jones”, about a Welsh journalist who tried reported on the Stalin’s genocidal famine in Ukraine.

More details about the line-up will follow soon.

2. Aren’t you bored with saving journalism? Let’s talk about how to do good journalism instead.

We will talk about strategies, and tools for the best storytelling and the best journalism — the one that informs and connects the people. We will not touch upon everything that is happening in the world. Instead, we want to turn our gaze at the very core of the journalist work: to explain the complexities of the world. Be it via a well written interactive piece, a mind-blowing visualisation, an event organised for your audience, regular communication between you are your community or a movie — that are our interests.

3. We support journalists in telling stories. Together with our partners, we are going to host 12+ workshops on storytelling strategies and tools.

The second day of the Summit, called Backstage, will be when we work. We are planning 12 workshops dedicated to storytelling, and we will be announcing them soon. Have something that you think should be included in our agenda? Maybe a skill or a tool you’d like to master? Let us know.

4. It will be cool, and you will have fun.

We aim to inspire you to go on and continue doing a great job. To be successful, one also need to make room for positive emotions, for excitement. Outriders Stage will be a hell of a party!

Be there or be square!

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