Outriders Meetup in Minsk: Foreign Reporting

Outriders Meetups reached the capital of Belarus – Minsk. Many were asking us beforehand why do we want to organise an event there given the political situation. Our answer is and always will be the same – it’s easy to work in privileged countries, but our organisation does not like easy things and we standby with those who need our knowledge the most. Even if it means less money from a donor or harder conditions of work. 

Thus said many were surprised there is a vibrant community of journalists in Belarus who create innovative media organisations, especially on the local level. We wanted to bring as many of them close to the network and the global conversation as possible, so we chose a topic of the meetup foreign reporting. 

We had three presentations on this theme:

  • Tina Lee, Hostwriter “Unbias the News: How cross-border collaboration can help fight misinformation”

  • Jakub Górnicki spoke about the case study of cross-border project

  • Hanna Liubakova, freelance journalist collaborating with Outriders: “How to cover Belarus in foreign media”

And before that, Tina had a two-hour workshop about cross-border journalism. Are hidden assumptions getting in the way of your reporting? Can better storytelling fight fake news? In that workshop, Christina Lee from Hostwriter dug into cross-border collaboration as a tool to fight bias. We looked at examples of hidden assumptions in the field of journalism and how reaching across real and imagined borders could make you a better and more accurate reporter.

We are very thankful to our partners: Facebook Journalism Project and National Endowment for Democracy. We also partnered with Press Club Belarus, CityDog.by – Журнал о Минске, 34 multimedia magazine, TUT.BY and the Digital Communication Network Group while preparing for that one. Thank you!