Ukrainian Democratic Challenges: 2 Stories In The Making


Outriders and Lviv Media Forum have been looking for journalists willing to work on stories about Ukraine and its democratic struggles. We are happy to announce that we have confirmed the topics of the stories and the two journalists who we are going to support in their research.

The first story by Agnieszka Pikulicka Wiliczewska will investigate the issue of a wall which Ukraine said it would build to separate the country from Russia. Besides erecting a physical barrier between the two countries, Ukraine sought to mark a symbolic end to Russian influence in Ukraine. But three years into the project, a corruption scandal related to misuse of funds for the “Project Wall” indefinitely halted the construction. The wall, which was meant to symbolize a systemic change in Ukraine, ended up being a shameful reminder of the lost fight against corruption.

The other story to be written by Agnieszka Pokrywka will explore the “fourfold suppression” by focusing on art and culture in the midst of the Ukrainian crisis. The article will aim to describe the difficult situation and the several cases of human rights’ violation of artists and cultural workers. These people’s activities are torn apart by Ukrainian and Russian politics, informal Ukrainian far-right movements, and pro-Russian separatist groups.

Both stories will be published in English, and Ukrainian by the 31st of October.


Congratulations to both journalists, we keep our fingers crossed for their stories.

Stay tuned for the further updates on this project!