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Mix through journalism video library to find recordings from Outriders’ events or from our partners! We currently feature recordings from Hacks Hackers London!

How ONA reimagines their 3000+ people conference for digital? Trevor Knoblich
How Texas Tribune Revenue Lab is reinventing events for digital? Rodney Gibbs
How Live Magazine transitioned from stage to online events? Florence Martin-Kessler
How DataFest Tbilisi became an online global event? Nino Macharashvili
Coronavirus coverage in Greece Yannis-Orestis Papadimitriou
Coronavirus coverage in Ukraine Anastasiia Stanko
Coronavirus coverage in Belarus Katsiaryna Shmatsina
Coronavirus coverage in Hungary Blanka Zöldi
Coronavirus coverage in Germany Eva Lopez
How European publishers are rethinking engagement with their audience – Ben Whitelaw
How The Economist rebuilt its website to focus on engagement – Lizzie Hard & Olivia Frost
How BBC World Service cope with uncertainty in election coverage – Josh Rayman
Disinformation Wars: Dispatches from the Front – Emerson Brooking
Old, new, and unexpected mediums for telling global stories – Masuma Ahuja
How the Financial Times improved visual storytelling at scale – Robin Kwong
The power of conversation: how journalism can thrive on LinkedIn – Katie Carroll
How slow is slow news? Q&A with Katie Vanneck-Smith, Co-founder of Tortoise Media
Can stand-up comedy help journalism rebuild trust with the public? – Kirsty Styles
How I funded three years of my journalism through grants – Hazel Sheffield
The Future of Voice and the Implications of News – Nic Newman
How The Guardian launched its current affairs podcast ‘Today In Focus’ – Mythili Rao
How PinkNews reimagined itself to reach Generation Z – Benjamin Cohen & Ellen Stewart
Wellbeing in the newsroom: the example of Quartz’s Talent Lab – Jackie Bischof
How BBC News data journalists use R for data visualization – C. Guibourg & N. Stylianou
Tools for Democracy: Combining News Media, Artificial Intelligence, and UX Design – Jarno Koponen
What is impact in journalism and how to measure it – Miriam Wells & Chrissie Giles
Focus on readers’ needs: Vogue audience-first approach to growth – Sarah Marhsall
Building an encyclopaedia of all opinions – Turi Munthe
News Podcasting and the Opportunities for Publishers – Nic Newman
Reaching new and diverse audiences through Instagram – Kassy Cho
Why Should We Stand Together Sonny Swe
Make Your Audience Travel with You: #Dropinthe Ocean Kamila Kielar, Krzysztof Story
Untold Stories of Ordinary People Bidhya Chapagain
Hong Kong Protests Explained Darren Long
When Coming Together Means First Coming Apart: Reporting in the Era of Me Too, Black Lives Matter and Impeachment Emma Lacey-Bordeaux
Cross Border Stories and Managing a Remote Newsroom Lola García-Ajofrín
Anthracite FAQ. Who is Stealing the Donbas Coal? Karolina Baca-Pogorzelska, Michał Potocki
Journalism is a Conversation Nicolás Vallejo
Live Events with Your Audience Cătălina Albeanu
Stories from an Inclusive Newsroom Elvira Krithari
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